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Everyone has different needs and as the population continues to live longer, healthier lives, we recognise that these needs change over time. More and more people are looking for the widest range of facilities to cater for their daily lives not just now but also in the future, and it is this range that we at Interhaze aim to provide.

The philosophy of Interhaze Care Group dictates that all residents shall live in a safe, comfortable, and above all, happy environment. All care is planned with the active involvement of our residents as well as their relatives, friends, medical professionals and others wherever appropriate.

Interhaze Care Group provide care and support to both Residential and Nursing patients, Residential and Nursing patients with Dementia as well as for people suffering with a range of Mental Health Conditions. We offer care 24-hours a day and are registered with the Care Quality Commission to accommodate both male or female residents.

We are confident that by exploring the our website you will be able to find a care home near you which meets your or your loved one’s individual needs. To receive professional guidance and advice on a wide range of care issues and how the services we offer might meet your requirements, please contact one of our Care Home Managers.

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For a complete list of Interhaze Ltd Care Homes offering Nursing care, enter a location into the Searchbox and select "Nursing" under Care Category.

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